Tuesday, 10 May 2011

NO Shotgun

It was either the NO Shotgun or my absent mindedness, but after 2 warm-up sets of back-squats I loaded up with bar and squatted what I thought I was max weight and squatted it okay. I looked at the bar and though, "silly me, that's 10kg too little", I put 10kg more on and couldn't get below parallel without failing.

"Why am I weaker than last week" I thought, then I added up the weights again and realised I'd failed on 10kg over this week's target. I had actually attempted 15kg more than last week! Dropped it down 5kg and was able to get 4 reps with a 10kg increase on last week.

If I can up the weight by 2-5kg each week then I leave the gym happy, a 10kg jump is a lot of improvement. I put it down to 3 possible factors:

1) The squat rack in the gym has adjustable metal bars with rubber on top so you can really go to failure without rolling the barbell off your back and crashing it onto the floor. That's something I'm reluctant to do even at crossfit.

2) Absent mindedness made me realise I'm not lifting close enough to max.

3) NO Shotgun.

Cherry tastes almost as good as the NO Synthesize Fruit Punch. And you get 20 odd grams of protein in it.

Straight after drinking gives a feeling of breathlessness.

My legs feel like they've had a hell of a workout 1 day later. More than I've felt after squatting at crossfit.

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