Tuesday, 17 May 2011

IDS Waximaize

Taking carbs for insuling spiking to increase the movement of nutrients to the muscle post workout? Restore muscle glycogen faster? What are carb supplements all about?

Blurb from bb.com
Waximaize is a modified starch, a very unique complex carbohydrate capable of changing your physique!* Waximaize is absorbed lightning fast into the bloodstream by 'bypassing' digestion in the stomach.* Once in the bloodstream Waximaize potentially makes you look leaner by pulling subcutaneous water (water from just under the skin!) into the blood, supporting blood volume!* Training with Waximaize brings new meaning to the word 'pump'.* With overloaded glycogen stores and amplified blood volume, Waximaize may overtake you in minutes!*
Waximaize is a corn based modified starch with unique properties in the human body. While most complex carbohydrates from normal food sources remain in the stomach to be digested, broken down into shorter carbohydrate sugar chains before entering the bloodstream, Waximaize with its unusually high engineered molecular weight 'Drops' through the stomach faster!* Because of this, Waximaize remains a complex or long chain carbohydrate as it enters the small intestine for absorption.* In addition to this, Waximaize has a very low Osmolarity which allows it to quickly and effortlessly cross into the bloodstream intact.*

So should I be taking this pre-workout or during or post? The label says all three but then I've seen whey protein labels telling the consumer to drink a scoop with every meal and pre and post workout.
What is the difference between Maximaize and Maltodextrin? The above question could also be what is the difference between Amylopectin and Maltodextrin. Because that's all Waximaize is, the second ingredient after that is "Artificial Flavours". 
Here's a great article by Gary F. Zolla about a his experience with trying different carbs around working out. He asked the same question that I have. Why spend money on expensive chemicals when you can put carbs into your body post workout quickly and easily by drinking a load of fruit juice. After reading that I understand that fructose is no good post workout and the body needs somethig that restores glycogen better like dextrose or maltodextrin. 
Many lifters who use Waximaize stack it with protein in a post workout shake in order to spike insulin and shove protein into muscles while restoring muscle glycogen. I don't understand all the fuss about restoring muscle or liver glycogen after working out. I just accept it because that's what we are taught to do. Is it so important? WHy not just have a carrot instead of dumping 40g of Amylopectin directly into the bloodstream?

Let's have a quick look at the affects: 
Stage 1. Once in the bloodstream Waximaize draws subcutaneous water (Water trapped just under the skin) into the bloodstream, quickly supporting optimal blood volume.*
So then this is for post/during workouts. If I want blood volume then I'd rather take a supplement designed to do that like Superpump250.
Stage 2. This increased blood volume may cause visible veins to appear in the limbs to carry the increased blood volume to muscles.* This vascularity adds to the appearance of a leaner physique.
So this is a nitric oxide/blood doping supplement? I was under the impression that this product is basically pure glycogen. Does glycogen give you garden hose veins and roadmap vascularity? I don't think so.
Stage 3. This increased blood volume delivers Waximaize to waiting muscles, overloading glycogen stores for a 'full' feeling.*
Yeah okay it gets glycogen to the muscles so it might help growth post workout if stacked with protein.

Should you have a big meal pre-workout? I heard body-builders suck on oranges pre-workout too. What about the benefits of fasted training. By consuming carbs pre and during workouts am I compromising HG production?
I decided against taking this pre or during my workout because I don;t want to change my fasted training style.
I finished training and drank Waximaize followed by Champion Nutrition Whey, followed by 500g of smoked salmon and a boiled pumpkin salad - stuffed!
Waximaize tasted like chalk, can't remember if it was "grapey" or not. It's so far off Paleo I'll not buy it again.
I can't help thinking that food provides a good enough insulin spike to shuttle the whey protein immediately post workout to the muscles. Also regular artificial insulin spiking can't be good for IFers with a goal of keeping insulin levels low. Raise the insulin, use it to move protein into the muscle over a long period, then lower the insulin again during fasting sounds more sensible than spiking insulin to shove fast proteins into the muscle then crash.

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