Thursday, 10 October 2013

Shroom TECH Sport - Review

About 6 months ago I listened to Robb Wolf on the Joe Rogan podcast discussing Onnit Labs products. Joe Rogan was asking Rob about what he thought of the ingredients in some of the Onnit labs products. To sum up Robb Wolf said they were all natural so he saw no reason not to try them. Joe Rogan said they are all amazing products and he loves them all.

Then last month, the owner of Onnit Labs was a guest on the wodcast podcast. He explained his products very well and the one I was interested in most was "Shroom TECH Sport". There's lots of explanations of what it does on the internet but basically it gives you 50% more oxygen while working out. To me this sounded too amazing not to try because I'm always gassed during workouts.

It arrived last weekend so I decided to test it.

Test Plan

8 hours sleep the night before
Paleo food the day before
Train fasted
Train at 7am (1 hour after waking)
Leave one day rest between workouts

Train the below workout:


Three rounds for time of:
Row 1000 meters
50 Burpees
50 Box jumps, 24" box
Run 800 meters

The reason I chose the above workout is because I know it gasses me out, it's long so any differences would show up in a big way, all the movements require little skill, and my rowing is very consistent.

Control Result

Time: 52 mins 42 seconds

Test Result
( 3 Shroom TECH Sport pills were taken 45mins prior to workout start as per instructions on the bottle )

Time: 51 mins 34 seconds


Does nothing.

I did not feel any different between workout 1 and workout 2. When I do the same workout back to back I always improve my result so a 68 second PR in such a long met-con is normal for me. Had no feelings of being energised and my recovery between rowing, burpee sets, box jump sets, and 800m felt no different.

Irrelevant information: I did the workouts with a friend who got around 45 mins

This was a pity because I really wanted this product to work after reading a lot of bad things about Aubrey Marcus (WarriorPoetUS). There are a lot slandering comments about him on the internet related to phishing scams and people lose respect for him because he has another company that sells vibrators for men.

I also wanted this product to work so I could train harder. I will not be using it again and will make use of Onnit's refund policy. I'll update this blog post with how the refund goes later.