Monday, 25 April 2011

Coconut Cream Ice Cream

I'm not that worried about fats though, as long as they are of the good kind.
The fat in coconut oil and cream is made up of lauric acid, which is totally good for ya
This ice cream is made from coconut cream, egg yolks and splenda - check out the stats!
Yes those calories are for the same amount of ice cream
Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream - It's Dairy and Sugar

Paleo Ice Cream - It's all good fat baby!

I’m not suggesting you to indulge in coconut cream, but rather than avoid it altogether, it is alright to eat in moderation. The principle fatty acid in coconut milk is lauric acid, which is the same fat found in abundance in mother’s milk.
When converted to monolaurin, it boosts your immune system and protects your body against many viruses, including hepatitis C, herpes and even HIV!
It also promotes normal brain development and contribute to healthy bones.
It also has important anti-carcinogenic and anti-pathogenic properties which helps to prevent cancer. More importantly, coconut cream is less likely to cause weight gain than polyunsaturated oils. Never know coconut cream can be so good right?

Glico BCAA Power Production

I ran out of Controlled Labs Purple Wraath and have to use some Japanese BCAA brands while I wait for delivery from has cheaper prices but their delivery takes ages.

I'm still doing Leangains with morning workouts so on lifting days I take a 2litre bottle of water with me to the gym with 30g of BCAA in it. I drink 10g before working out, 10g after and then sip the rest of the bottle during the morning at work. The idea as follows:

- Keep the body in it's fasted state so that it is burning fat for the full 16 hours outside the 8 feeding window (drinking BCAAs amounts to around 25kcal per 10g, thereby not breaking the fast)
- Not eating after working out stimulates the body to manufacture human growth hormone.
- Keeping the body topped up with BCAAs provides fast acting proteins while preventing gluconeogenesis.
- The post work out 30 minute window where the body is crying out for nutrients is important, but it's not as important as the main skeletal muscle synthesis timeframe that begins 3 to 4 hours post workout.

I don't want to change to a PM training schedule so rather than go without BCAAs during the mornings and risk losing the benefits I'm tiding over with Glico's "BCAA Power Production".

BCAA Stick
It comes in little 5000mg "sticks" which contain 4000mg of BCAAs. Meaning you have to cut open the things and pour them into the 2litre bottle of water. You're left with a mountain of powder that doesn't mix at all. Give it an hour or so though and it all gets mixed in. Tastes like putting powdered paracetomol on your tongue; bitter and nasty. After a few months of Controlled Labs Purple Wraath it's drinkable but nasty.

It's better than the Amino value "sticks" though, they only contain 3000mg per"stick" and it comes out in little shards of BCAA that never dissolve. In that case you end up pouring it onto your tongue and swallowing. Not an option for at the desk and you can't sip that.

All in all it's a good stop-gap, but I'm looking forward to my next delivery of Controlled Labs Purple Wraath along with a trial container of Scivation Xtend.