Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Alexander's UK & Japanese Passport Process

This could not have been completed faster. As soon as Alexander came out I was on the case. Start to finish, British and Japanese passports for the boy in just under 2 months. If you can beat that time, you've got to let me know how you did it.

One way to go faster would be to use a signed letter from the British embassy to use for the name on the Japanese passport. That would cut it down to 7 weeks.

Alexander born

Hospital - Get bosu techo from hospital
Hospital - Get shussetodoke kisaijiko shomeisho from hospital
Hospital - Tax, Health, Receive Payment Contract paperwork
Home - Find my birth certificate
Home - Find "koseki tohon"
Home - Find Saki & my passports

Kuyakusho - Register Alexander
Kuyakusho - Apply for allowance for dependent children (児童手当) 
Work - fill out application form for UK Birth Certificate


Kuyakusho - Pick up new koseki with Alexander in it
Kuyakusho - Get marriage certificate just in case
Home - laundry on
home - Alexander's clothes for homecoming
Prep house for homecoming.
Prep for British Embassy
Home - find British birth certificate (should be in A4 paper organiser)

Home - find card for father's day
UK Embassy - Apply for birth certificate
Take with: My birth certificate, my passport, hospital birth certificate, mother's book, new koseki with Alexander on it.
(marriage certificate and translations are not required)
Saki sign form for Embassy
Something with Hospital Address in bag

1. Child's hospital birth certificate NB: Certified Copy of Japanese Birth Registration (shussetodoke kisaijiko shomeisho) and Mother’s Book (boshi techo) showing Hospital details and child's place of birth could also be acceptable.
2. Child's Ward Office birth certificate (please see number 5 regarding Birth Registration with the Japanese Authorities). In Japanese, this is "shussei todoke juri shomeisho";
3. Parents' marriage certificate
4. Father's UK birth certificate
5. A photocopy of the Japanese family register ("koseki tohon").
6. The British parent's passport
7. (not mentioned on website - signed form stating that both parents agree that the name on the British birth certificate is slightly different than the Japanese family register)

UK Embassy - Finish applying for birth certificate and pay
Print a few pics of Alexander on way home at fedex kinkos print shop

Take passport sized photos of Alexander, cut them up, and take them to work.

Get passport pic signatures from British professional (Griz)

UK Embassy - Get birth certificate 11:30
Work - apply for Alexander's UK passport, send from post office, pay online.
Call ING Direct +44 118 938 8151
Call Orbitz and change Birth Date on Alexander's ticket

Home - Receive Alex's birth certificate back from Hong Kong

Home - Receive UK passport from Hong Kong

Kuyakusho - Get "jumin-hyo" for Alexander

Print new passport sized photos of Alex at fedex kinkos

Yurakucho - Apply for Japanese passport (takes 5 days)
1. Fill out the application form at the passport office in Yurakucho in person (5 year application for a baby)
2. Copy of family register from the ward office
3. Copy of Inhabitance registration 住民票
For Japanese passport , you can show them 
A other foreign passport
B Birth Cert from that country if applicable
C Letter from Embassy saying that this is the 
correct spelling in english 

photos too dark and arm showing, print a different photo at fedex kinkos

send new photo in provided envelope with application number

pick up passport with Alexander (passport holder must be present for pick-up)