Tuesday, 9 August 2011

How Many Carbs am I Eating?

After reading an interesting article on MarksDailyApple about how many carbs a Primal eater should be eating per day, I started wondering about how close I was getting to me training plan's figures. So I tracked for 10 days to see how my food guessing is going.

The tracking site I used: Livestrong.com recommends to eat 300g of carbs per day.
My training plan goes for up to 350 carbs on days containing exercise and less than 150 carbs on days containing no exercise.

Mark from Mark's Daily Apple is a total low carber, and his recommendations are much lower. He has a six-pack, I do not.
Chart above shows 4 training days and 6 rest days out of a 10 day test period.

Interesting to see that Livestrong's recommendation is in Mark's "Danger Zone". And even though I am not putting on weight, I spend many days in Mark's "Insidious weight gain" zone. hahaha!

By eating sensibly I can see I am able to keep within my training plan carb ranges, so I'll carry on with the way I am eating/living.