Friday, 4 March 2011

ON Platinum Gold Standard 100% Casein

I was looking for something to take at the end of my feeding window on days when my protein intake is less than 4g per kg of bodyweight. Martin Berkhan went through a load of casein proteins and this was one of the three that came out on top so I bought in 2kg of 'blueberry cream' and 2kg 'raspberry smoothie'.

When the tubs arrived I thought they were totally massive and I'd bought too much but I'm totally getting through it. It's especially great for the leangains recommended desserts. 3 scoops mixed with 4.5 scoops of water and some frozen fruit and mashed up makes a great dessert.

And it's a dessert with the following nutritional breakdown:

That's a quarter of my protein RDA in one little bed time dessert. The reason behind eating casein at the end of the feeding window is that its slow release will aid muscle building for 7 hours. Accompanied with complex carbs this time window is doubled.

In contrast, if I was to neck whey protein before bed then it would go straight to work and my muscles would have no building blocks for the entirety of the impending 16 hours without food.

I've all but run out of Champion Nutrition Ultramet, so for the meantime when I need extra protein it will be at the end of each day in the form of ON 100% Casein. As always however, its better to eat your food than drink it, and I will endeavour to reach my daily protein quota without supplementing.

I would have experimented with casein proteins available on the japanese market, but every bodybuilding outlet I went to in japan just has a wall of whey protein. sure whey protein is good to feed muscles post workout, but it goes hand in hand with casein. I could not find one casein protein product in any japanese outlet.

From Leangains:
"When the post-workout meal comes around is also when muscle protein synthesis is beginning to take off. Though muscle protein synthesis is acutely stimulated post-workout in response to resistance training and protein intake, studies show some latency in regards to elevation and peak. Protein synthesis starts to climb about 3-4 hours post-workout, reaches a peak at the 24-hour-mark and returns close to baseline values 36 hours post-workout (or 48 hours depending on who you ask; studies on this topic show slightly different results regarding length and peak of elevation). "

In other words its all very well taking advantage of the post workout window where your muscles are screaming out for protein by consuming whey, but the majority of muscle building occurs 4+ hours after. 4+ hours after working out all whey protein has been consumed and the body is running on the slow release of protein from the food eaten. That's why bodybuilders supplement with casein later in the day. I can't believe no japanese athletes or shop keepers are aware of this.

Here's the blurb:
Sometimes slower is better - especially when it comes to the rate of protein digestion. While rapid protein absorption is desirable immediately before or after exercise, delayed release is probably more beneficial throughout the remainder of the day.

Casein proteins are pH sensitive and gel in the acidic environment of the stomach. As a result, it can take more than twice as long for caseins to be broken-down into their amino acid subcomponents than whey and other proteins. Because of their unique time-released qualities, caseins are aptly described as anti-catabolic or muscle-protecting proteins.


  • 24 g of Highly Anti-Catabolic MICELLAR CASEIN
  • 10 g of BCAAs, Glutamine, and Glutamine Precursors per Scoop
  • AMINOGEN Enhanced

Mixes well, tastes great, I don't need to go elsewhere for casein. 10/10.

Once I get through this load I'll get some "banana cream", other flavours are "chocolate cake batter", "chocolate peanut butter", "cookies and cream", and "creamy vanilla".

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