Thursday, 22 November 2012


I just got back from my first session at K-MAP. I'm a total non believer when it comes to fixing things with a massage. When ever I've had a massage it's been because it feels nice, and afterwards I feel exactly the same as I did before. Lots of people I know need a massage. I've never needed a massage, but they are nice. In my office I'm surrounded by people complaining that their shoulders are tight, there's lots of implements hanging over people's desks so they can do self massage. All my colleagues seem to gradually become stiffer and stiffer until they go and see a masseuse and restart the cycle, I really don't get it.

I did a heavy squat 5x5 5kg PB last Monday and since then my hip has felt weird, so I decided to get it checked out by a professional physio. I explained the feeling to Dr. Tomo and he got me to move my leg in a few ways that hurt in my hip. He pulled out his iPad and launched an app called "3D Doc" or something. I asked him if it's free and he said no, it's really expensive. He diagnosed that my pain is in the "Pee-Go-Go-Kyuu" muscles. I was like "what? P559? muscles". So then he showed me the "Piriformis", "Superior Gamellus", "Obturator Internus" and "Inferior Gamellus" muscle set. They all hide behind the Glute and are responsible for turning the thigh out. It was a great lecture on muscles. The "Piriformis" is the big one out of the bunch and the likely culprit of the pain. He said it's good news because he knows the problem and he can fix it in 4 sessions, during which time I can go ahead and squat heavy. Awesome.

Then we checked out how balanced I am. He asked me to resist while he pushed my shoulder from behind on the right side. I didn't move Then he pushed my left side shoulder and I stumbled forwards. He said there's an obvious imbalance there from my weakness in the hip. I immediately assumed I'd been duped by some holistic healer's party trick. He pushed harder on my left shoulder? The floor is slightly unbalanced to amaze all first time clients? I asked Dr. Tomo to do it again  and the same thing happened. I hopped on the table and he stuck his thumbs in while I moved my legs and arms about, this was the painful "A.R.T." treatment I'd read about in Tim Ferris's 4 hour body. Tim Ferris said he was writhing around in pain, so I think Dr. Tomo has a lighter version of it? A few thumb pushes felt deep and it was the best massage I've ever had, but on a scale of poolside massage, stubbing your toe, punch in the face/football to nose, and dentist it was closest to a tough poolside massage. Maybe he was just testing the water this time and he'll really open up on me in the next 3 sessions. We tested again and I was rock solid on both sides, a 100% improvement. I was amazed, still a bit sceptical but something was definitely better. I did a few air-squats, got on my back like an upturned cockroach and moved my left leg about and my hip pain was unchanged.

"Much better?" asked Dr. Tomo.
"No, same pain".
"50% better?"
I felt the need for acknowledgement of Dr. Tomo's hard work building up inside me.
"Yeah, bit bitter actually"
I lied; the pain was exactly the same.

I want to be flexible like K-Starr
My hip is feeling better day by day and I can squat painless again now, lateral stuff hurts. Also the diagnosis that my bones are correctly aligned, and my problem is musculature, and the lecture on which muscles are affected is good for my peace of mind. I can google these muscles to my heart's content now and read about ways to self massage and balance myself out. The rebalancing trick was really interesting and worth the money in itself. I also now know my main muscles I should be rolling out before working out. And Dr. Tomo said I can go ahead and ass to grass heavy, that's great news. I'm a total miser for anything apart from flight tickets, and I think this visit to Dr. Tomo's physiotherapy clinic was worth it. Thank you Dr. Tomo, my hip might have healed in time anyway, but I'll keep going back until my hip is painless. I'm also interested to see if I've reverted to being "Off balance" again next Thursday.

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