Thursday, 8 December 2011

gaspari - superpump250


fruit punch is tangy and tastes great. gets you in the back of the jaw like those dinasour eggs.
like dark rage, makes me need a dump.
similar sinking feeling.
can feel blood pumping through brain.
taken 30-40 mins before workout.
body still stiff from back and chest workout 2 days previous.
body feels hotter than usual.
1 hour shoulders and arms workout using 10kg dumbells, followed by situps.

apparently it's the best pre-workout supplement in the industry.

didn't feel that much different than without.
arms got tired just like usual.


Do these things lose their affect after they pass their sell by date? I found a packet of this in the cupboard and drank it before an RPT set of squats this morning. Again, didn't feel much different than without.

Came across an interesting article debunking Nitric Oxide supplements. Apparently Arginine or any crazy form of Arginine does NOT increase nitric oxide in the body. Also they put a lot of stimulants in NO products to make you feel wired. The creatine they use is usually the cheaper and useless "creatinine". The sugar and stimulants in the product give you more energy and focus making the suer think they are getting a good deal. In fact you're better off with a can of red bull and some maltodextrose.

#1 Use creatine monohydrate (CREAPURE is the only brand that does not contain large amounts of creatinine instead of creatine monohydrate).
#2 Take high GI carbs pre workout.
#3 Increase your testosterone levels with a course our "Unleashed" or "LJ100".
#4. Find a supplement containing "Glycine Propion yl-L-Carnitine (GPLC)" that is actually PROVEN to increase Nitric Oxide.

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