Thursday, 7 February 2013

Testosterone Sups

Dr Life on a billboard in Las VegasWas reading an article on the BBC about this guy Dr Jeffry Life in Los Angeles who's 74 and stays lean and keeps muscle on with weekly testosterone injections. Sounds like a treatment with no side-effects and can keep you living for longer. So with my latest iherb order I chose "T-Male" as my free sample. Took it in the morning and felt nothing. 
Afterwards I read a bit about it and it contains something called "tribulus" which does not increase testosterone. What it does is increase libido, and having sex makes your testosterone levels rise.
People on the blogosphere, Robb Wolff, bodybuilders etc are always talking about how they had low testosterone and increased it with diet or other life-tweaks. I have no idea what my "bound" testosterone and "free" testosterone is so I'll be sure to get it checked on my yearly health check. I think it's something I should monitor as I get older to make sure it's not declining. People get old, so people move less, so people get fat, and testosterone goes down. I believe what Dr Jeffry Life says when he explains that getting old is not directly related to a decline in testosterone levels. Stay active, keep eating clean and you can keep testosterone levels constant throughout life and live leaner, longer and healthier.

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